(let's make it personal)

Over time, having tried a number of third-party print-selling services and never being satisfied with the quality of either the prints or the service, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. No automated shop; no sending you off to some printing service where all I do is upload images and never see what goes to your door.

While it may feel rather old-fashioned to personally request a print rather than do the ole online shopping cart thing, let me explain why I've chosen to work this way:

When you purchase a print of my work, I want you to have the absolute best experience possible, from selecting to shipping to the final product. At this time, the best way for me to offer this is to personally be in charge of every step. You choose the image you want; I'll make the printing, the packing, and the shipping happen -- and I'll make it really easy for you. 

All you gotta do is ask!

I source the highest-quality prints from professional fine art labs, sign them with love, personally pack them to ensure their safe arrival, and (unless I'm off meditating in the Norwegian mountains, which does occasionally happen) will get them shipped to you as fast as humanly possible -- 99% of the time that'll be in three or four days, but a week at the most. 

You get to support a real, working artist; you get the best possible product; and I get the absolute joy of sending my work off to someone who wants it. Everybody wins!

Click here and let me know what you'd like on your wall


You're right. Good question.

Currently, the smallest size I print at is 5x7" and the largest is 16x20". (Special requests are totally welcome!) Since each print is customizable in terms of the material used and whether or not you want the print matted (or even framed), I don't have an exhaustive pricelist. But you can expect something somewhere within these guideposts:

5x7 unmatted: $40 + shipping

8x10 unmatted: $55 + shipping

16x20 unmatted: $110 + shipping

(Above prices are for acid-free, archival-quality fine art paper -- in other words, these babies aren't going anywhere anytime soon. And I employ recycled and/or FSC-certified whenever humanly possible.)

For matting, depending on size, expect an additional $15-25. I don't upcharge for shipping: you'll pay exactly what it really costs and not a penny more.

For a more exact (and totally free) quote, just ask.

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