Leah Damgaard-Hansen


  1. A Summer Show

    2022-04-03 15:43:50 UTC
    For years, I’ve been photographing the northwestern coastal landscapes of Thy in Denmark. Last summer I felt it was finally time to make something of this body of work. Out of hundreds of photographs, I selected twelve that I felt formed a good representation of the themes I’ve been working…

  2. A Flower Story

    2022-04-02 15:07:19 UTC
    Last summer, bicycling around a Danish island, I came across a field of wildflowers. They were all along a small country byroad, magic carpet of color, nodding and swaying to one another and the sun. A blue tractor in the distance trudged back and forth across a dirt field, raising…

  3. New short film: “Cavatelli”

    2020-06-23 23:48:39 UTC
    A year or so ago I invented and briefly worked on a project I dubbed “Postcard Films.” I envisioned Postcard Films to be just a few minutes each, intended more to capture the impression or flavor of a moment than to develop a complete narrative. I wanted them to evoke…

  4. Exhibition Feature - Light

    2020-04-14 18:46:24 UTC
    This month I have a photograph in the show “Light” over at Analog Forever magazine (yay!). It’s a photograph you can find in my ongoing project exploring scenes “at home” but I encourage you to head over to check out the whole exhibit—there is some great work there The photograph…

  5. New Music Video

    2020-04-01 17:47:25 UTC
    “When I Applied For Foodstamps” – original song by Jon Kriz This was a less formal production than the video I shot for “PsykoKlog” last year in June in Denmark. Jon and I decided to shoot the video very casually, with nothing more advanced than a small RØDE shotgun mic…

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