Leah Damgaard-Hansen

Exhibition Feature - Light

This month I have a photograph in the show “Light” over at Analog Forever magazine (yay!). It’s a photograph you can find in my ongoing project exploring scenes “at home” but I encourage you to head over to check out the whole exhibit—there is some great work there.

The photograph itself is from summer of 2019, while I was living for a time in Kingston, NY. I had a beautiful window in that apartment that I spent a lot of time in. Almost all of my (comprehensive) plant collection lived in that window, as well as the bits and pieces of nature I like to bring home and admire. The shell in the photograph is one I found on the Jersey Shore a chilly, brisk, early spring day last year; and the pieces of wood are from even earlier, when I lived at the farm I call Red Meadow (more on that place later). One day I was splitting some kindling for the wood-stove and discovered a beautiful pattern left behind by water. I brought the kindling pieces inside and arranged them in a windowsill to look at for a while before I used them… but I never did end up using them, I liked looking at them so much. I still have those little pieces of wood following me around and decorating my space.

The photograph was entirely unstaged—I just looked over one summer afternoon and there it was, waiting to be captured.

“Light” at Analog Forever Magazine

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