Leah Damgaard-Hansen

New Music Video

“When I Applied For Foodstamps” – original song by Jon Kriz.

This was a less formal production than the video I shot for “PsykoKlog” last year in June in Denmark. Jon and I decided to shoot the video very casually, with nothing more advanced than a small RØDE shotgun mic to capture sound. I placed Jon on a chair in his living room with a few household belongings for scenery, and used just the natural light coming through two large windows at about 11am to light the scene. I shot five fully handheld takes using a couple different vintage manual-focus Pentax lenses adapted to my Fuji X-T1, while our respective partners made sourdough pancakes in the kitchen. Some of that background activity can be heard in the video–batter mixing, distant chatter, the gas stove being lit. This “extra” audio was purposefully left in, to support the homey, unceremonious atmosphere. It is, after all, a song about foodstamps.

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