1. Exhibition Feature - Light

    This month I have a photograph in the show “Light” over at Analog Forever magazine (yay!). It’s a photograph you can find in my ongoing project exploring scenes “at home” but I encourage you to head over to check out the whole exhibit—there is some great work there The photograph…

  2. New Music Video

    “When I Applied For Foodstamps” – original song by Jon Kriz This was a less formal production than the video I shot for “PsykoKlog” last year in June in Denmark. Jon and I decided to shoot the video very casually, with nothing more advanced than a small RØDE shotgun mic…

  3. Exhibition Feature - Magical Realism

    I am honored and delighted to announce that some of my work is currently on show in an online group exhibition over at Analog Forever Magazine, on the topic of Magical Realism (a literary genre very dear to my heart)! Not only that, but one of my Jannerup photographs, “Reach”…

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